Effect Of Chewing Gum And Bad Breath

Chewing gums have been around since ancient ages. It is loved by children and adults alike. But do you know that chewing sugar-free gums can have several benefits for your teeth?

Sugarless gums now come with various ingredients such as xylitol which have several benefits on our oral health. Calcium-containing gums help in the remineralization and strengthening of enamel. Chewing these gums for a longer duration leads to increased flow of saliva which is crucial in keeping the oral cavity moist. Saliva also dilutes the sugars and debris present on the teeth and counters their harmful effects by neutralizing the acids formed by bacteria.

Some of the advantages associated with chewing gum include: Chewing Gum Nad Breath Health Pillar Dubai

Preventing Bad breath

There may be several causes behind bad breath, but it mainly results from poor oral hygiene. Strong smelling foods like onion, garlic, spices, wine, cigarettes, etc., can also lead to bad breath. However, in most cases, bad breath is an indicator of poor oral health or serious oral condition like gum disease or dry mouth. Chewing flavoured gums (free of sugars) can temporarily mask bad breath. Chewing gums also facilitate an increase in saliva flow, eliminating dryness of the mouth, if any.

Preventing Dental decay

Xylitol-containing sugar-free gums have been shown to decrease the prevalence of dental cavities by reducing the bacterial load in your mouth. It is important to note that chewing gums containing sugars will not exert any beneficial effects on teeth and instead act to increase the plaque and pH of the mouth, so it must be avoided. Studies have shown that Xylitol has an antibacterial impact; hence it reduces plaque bacteria, thus acid production, which drastically reduces the risk of dental decay. Chewing gums supplemented with calcium or fluoride also helps in enamel remineralization. Additionally, the chewing action cleanses the teeth surfaces of food debris, increases saliva, and dilutes the sugars, which help in preventing dental decay.

Whitening teeth

Teeth may become discoloured due to food habits and various lifestyle aspects, including smoking. Several chewing gums are available which contain whitening agents. These products can be chewed after meals and help wash away food particles that could cause stains by stimulating salivary flow.

Chewing Gum Bad Breath Health Pillar Dubai

Hardening your teeth' enamel

Sugarless gums containing remineralizing agents like fluoride play a crucial role in re-mineralizing and hardening your tooth enamel to ensure your teeth are shielded from decay and are healthy.

Stress relief

Research shows that chewing gums regularly helps alleviate stress apart from battling bad breath, tooth decay, and relieving dry mouth symptoms. This can help the Effect of chewing gum and bad breath.

Chewing gum may aid in combating specific oral issues, but they are not an alternative to regular brushing, flossing, and taking care of your teeth requires timely dental exams. In addition, it may not reach between your teeth. It would be necessary to brush and floss regularly to break down harmful bacteria that cause infections and tooth decay. Chewing sugarless gum aids in your daily dental hygiene routine, but you need to complement your oral health regimen with routine dental cleaning and visits.

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