Biomimetic Approach in Dentistry

The literal translation of Biomimetic dentistry means ‘imitate life’ (Bio=’life’, mimetic=’ imitate’). Biomimetic dentistry is the treatment approach in dentistry that aims to preserve intact tooth structure and restore the function of natural teeth. Our natural teeth bear a perfect form due to the evolutionary process that shaped their biology, function, esthetics, and biomechanics. Hence, the natural anatomy must be preserved at any cost.

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The biomimetic approach strives to do the same with the help of optimal restorative materials and techniques that mimic the natural properties of teeth. In this approach, the pulp vitality is preserved by conserving the maximum intact tooth structure. It is a natural, holistic, and biologically favourable approach with scientifically proven materials and techniques. They function in the most natural way possible, extending the life and vitality of natural teeth.

When a Biomimetically restored tooth is structurally and anatomically similar to the original tooth, there are lesser complications, and more invasive procedures like root canals and implants can be averted. Adhesively retained restorations preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible and often allow teeth to be fixed without the need for root canal therapy. The most physiologically significant treatment goal is to preserve the tooth’s pulp vitality, which results in the best long-term success and the most natural morphology and function.


Biomimetic dentistry has evolved over many decades, gaining traction as adhesive dentistry, dental materials, and cariology have improved. Dr Michael Buonocore brought in an “adhesive revolution” in 1955. Additional advancements in adhesive dentistry would eventually replace older methods that required more removal and destruction. In addition, advances in restorative materials and caries removal would help develop strategies that reduce tooth preparation while maximizing pulp vitality.

Biomimetic Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry

Traditional dental procedures used conventionally rely on preparation designs that accommodate the restorative material in the tooth. This involves preparing the tooth and reducing the tooth structure to create retention and resistance form. This was done to fulfil the restorative material’s strength rather than the preservation of complete tooth structure. Unfortunately, this unnecessary removal of the tooth structure leads to higher complications such as pain, sensitivity, root canal treatment, recession, and fracture. Few examples of such treatment procedures are full coverage crowns (zirconia, metal-ceramic gold), metallic inlays, onlays, and fillings such as amalgam, etc.

On the other hand, the Biomimetic method combines knowledge and understanding of natural tooth dynamics with principles and strategies that promote adhesion. These ideas include all the elements required to resemble a natural tooth closely. The characteristics of restorative materials are replicated in the dental structures, and healthy intact tooth structure is retained by adhesion without further preparation.

Biomemetic dentistry health pillar dubai

As a result, the biomimetically repaired tooth’s strength, function, and appearance are identical to natural teeth. Composite fillings, partial coverage restorations, and full-coverage ceramic restorations are all examples of biomimetic restorations.

Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry • Keep the tooth structure intact. • Reduce sensitivity and pain. • Eliminate the need for unnecessary root canals • Restore teeth that have a limited amount of structural integrity. • Optimal seal • Prevent catastrophic failures • Maximize adhesion by up to 400%

Biomimetic restorations need proper isolation, careful caries removal, and unique adhesive application procedures, all of which might lengthen treatment times. They generally last far longer than conventional restorations and have fewer problems and symptoms.

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