Fluoride: Myths And Facts

Fluoride: Myths and Facts, is a naturally occurring mineral that is also a part of your bones and teeth. When it comes to health, fluoride has several different benefits. They are commonly used in dentistry to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Fluorides can help reverse the process of dental decay by remineralisation and, in turn, can protect the teeth from the acidic assault of plaque. Fluoride is administered in different forms, such as through dental products, like toothpaste, mouthwash, or varnish; it is given in drops or tablets for children and often added to public water supplies (water fluoridation). fluoride: myths and facts dr hafsa alidrissi dubai The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years to consume fluoride every day. In most areas, this is easily achieved as water is fluoridated to provide a constant source of fluoride. But some regions might lack enough fluoride in water, and fluoridated water might not be enough to keep tooth decay at bay. In such cases, you or your child might need additional fluoride therapy to protect their teeth from cavities. Extensive scientific studies have confirmed that fluorides are not associated with any ill health effects and are the safest means to prevent dental decay. However, several myths are prevalent among people regarding fluoride usage, particularly water supply, causing concerns regarding its safety and efficacy. Here are some facts that can help you separate them from myths for the health of your teeth:

Myth: Drinking fluoridated water will cause fluorosis

Fact: Fluorosis can occur only when a person takes excessive amounts of fluoride. The only known adverse effect of optimal water fluoridation is a slight increase in dental fluorosis levels. Mild fluorosis does not cause pain, and it does not affect the health or function of the teeth. Cavities are far more damaging to teeth than fluorosis, so the benefits of fluoride outweigh the risk of fluorosis.

Myth: Adding fluoride is forced medication

Fact: Fluoride is not a medication. It is a mineral, and when present at the right level, fluoride in drinking water has two beneficial effects: preventing tooth decay and contributing to healthy bones. fluoride: myths and facts dr hafsa alidrissi dubai

Myth: Fluoride is dangerous for children

Fact: Water fluoridation has been endorsed by the World Health Organization, Australian Medical Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics and poses no known health risks for babies and young children.

Myth: Fluoride causes cancer

Fact: Research worldwide has shown no link between water fluoridation and any type of cancer. It is endorsed as safe by both the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Myth: Fluoride causes allergies

Fact: Studies show no association between fluorides and allergies, hypersensitivity, or other immunological effects.

Myth: Fluoridated water is not necessary because of the fluoride in toothpaste

Fact: The amount of fluoride present in toothpaste doesn’t necessarily provide the level of protection needed to prevent dental decay. Whereas, Fluoridated water and toothpaste act together to provide maximum protection.

Fluoride: Myths And Facts Conclusion

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