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With hundreds of types and brands of toothpaste available in the market, we are spoilt for choices. But it is essential to choose the right toothpaste to suit your needs. So how do you select the correct toothpaste in Dubai? Toothpaste in Dubai Health Pillar Dubai Basic Ingredients Of a Toothpaste Toothpaste comes in various forms like pastes, gels, powder, tablets, etc., but most have the same basic composition. A toothpaste contains typically: Abrasives: Abrasives have the primary function to clean and polish the tooth surface for a smoother tooth surface. Example: Calcium carbonates, phosphates, silicates, etc. Humectants: Substances like glycerin, sorbitol, etc., are added to stabilize the toothpaste and prevent its hardening on exposure to air. Detergents: Sodium lauryl sulfate act as a detergent in toothpaste to loosen the deposits on the tooth surface and facilitate easy removal by the toothbrush. It is also responsible for the foaming action. Thickeners: Thickening agents like alginates and silicates are added to maintain the texture of the toothpaste. Flavouring agents: Various flavouring agents like peppermint, cinnamon, menthol, artificial sweeteners, lemon, etc., are added to make the taste desirable. Toothpaste in dubai How To Select Best Toothpaste in Dubai For Your Teeth The right toothpaste strengthens your enamel, protects your teeth by preventing cavities, strengthens the gums, and whitens your teeth. To find your ideal toothpaste, you can keep these points in mind: Reading the label Just like we choose a product after reading its specifications, always check labels carefully before buying a toothpaste. This helps you be mindful of the ingredients to avoid specific chemicals if you are sensitive to them. In addition, not all types of kinds of toothpaste are suitable for everyone, especially children. Always choose pediatric formulations for children. Reading the label empowers you to accept or avoid certain ingredients as you deem fit.

Check the fluoride content. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in water and food sources. It plays a crucial role in preventing tooth decay and remineralizing the enamel on the tooth surface. It is particularly beneficial in protecting teeth from cavities in children.

Choosing toothpaste with fluoride is a simple way to ensure that the toothpaste will help maintain your oral health. Experts recommend using toothpaste that contains at least 1000 PPM of fluoride. So it's important that toothpaste in Dubai contains fluoride.

Based on specific dental problems It is essential to choose toothpaste to suit your specific requirements. Toothpaste provides various benefits ranging from tartar control to whitening, desensitizing, gingivitis control, or cavity control. Rather than blindly following advertisements, your personal needs and preferences should play a role in determining which option is best for you.

Your dentist’s recommendation Nobody knows your oral health better than your dentist. Your dentist can help you determine your oral health needs, whether any specific dental conditions need to be addressed, and the ingredients to look out for in the toothpaste composition to treat the issues. For example, you might have sensitive teeth, gum diseases, or may have dentures or braces. This may dictate the kind of toothpaste you should purchase.

So it is advisable to consult your dentist about the best options for identifying an effective toothpaste in Dubai.

Dr Hafsa Alidrissi is a dentist and a certified expert with oral health and digital dentistry in Dubai and can advise you on best practices regarding looking after your mouth and teeth. If you wish to purchase toothpaste then please browse our shop HERE Please contact her now to book a consultation. Contact details can be found HERE. You can find out more information about caring for your teeth  HERE More information can be found HERE Wikipedia.
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