Human Design Analysis Health Pillar Dubai

What Is Human Design Analysis?

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that sheds light on a person’s energetic makeup, as well as specific tools they can use to live at their happiest, healthiest, and highest potential. It doesn’t change who they are; it teaches them who they are. It offers insight into what’s possible and highlights the significance of understanding and living as the fullest expression of themselves.


What Can It Do For Me?

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Who You Are And How To Be Yourself
  • Your Strategy. Live Life With Less Resistance
  • Your Inner Authority. Help You To Make The Correct Decisions
  • Your Conditioning. The Areas Where You Are Open And Vulnerable To Outside Influences


How Does It Work?

Book Now a foundational Human Design lesson.

This will be a 1:1 60-minute conversation over Zoom to discuss your unique design, where you feel resistance and challenges in your life, and how you can start to leverage your unique gifts to find your flow.

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We are looking forward to helping you live your best life.



Yes I would totally recommend the Human Design System. I’m not a salesperson but this definitely has been the most accurate, beautiful and rewarding explanation of the world and of us that I have ever found. In fact, I wasn’t looking for it, but when it appeared in my life something inside me stopped searching. At the same time it was something so natural, already present in the deepest part of me that it was like “remembering”, like going back home. In that sense it doesn’t need recommendations.

I would highly recommend. It changes the perspective and the experience of life. Following my Strategy & Authority resulted in removing the resistance in life. The path itself hasn’t changed, but the way I see life is different. Now I can really enjoy living, instead of complaining all the time.. 🙂
Deyan Nikolov


The Human Design System changed my life back in 2007, when my brother and his wife had their charts and their 2 kids charts done and they shared the information with me. When I pulled up my chart I thought “this is another new age BS system”. Unable to read an almost blank chart, I threw my chart in the garbage. Being “all right”, little did I know then that my body had already taken in the information. My brother moved to India and when they returned for a friend’s wedding a year later I remember getting together with family and I was trying to think of that “thing” they did with those charts but couldn’t get the words “human design” out of my mouth.

That night I had a dream of a rave mandala chart. The next morning I turned on the radio and someone was talking about Human Design. I had my first reading a week later and became an LYD Guide in 2012. I haven’t looked back since. I literally live and breathe human design. Human Design has helped me connect to my decision making process which is the only way I live. It’s about making decisions with the body not the mind. How easy is that?

Val Hertzog