Online Therapy

The recent Covid pandemic caused an additional strain but also transformed the way people worked and received services. The therapy business has been no different!

For your convenience, you can now talk to licenced therapists all over the world from your computer or mobile device at your convenience.

The therapy given can be via self-paced training courses, 1:1 live video sessions and messaging with responses as soon as possible.

See below for more details.

Why You May Need Therapy?

We all lead complicated lives full of surprises, whether good or bad. The stresses and strains of daily life can get to us over time and can dominate our thinking, disrupting our health, relationships and happiness.

Talking with friends and family is important, but sometimes, we just need to seek professional help.

But therapists are in huge demand, with long waiting queues, and we all live busy lives. It can be a challenge to make time to go and visit someone.


If you recognise that you have one or more of these symptoms mentioned, then click on the relevant box below to discover how online therapy can help you.

Dealing With Anxiety

Anger Management

Helping With Depression

Social Anxiety

Weight Problems

Panic Attack

Remember that it is ok to talk. Don’t be ashamed of reaching out to someone when you are in need. The resources here include self-paced training, 1:1 video sessions with a live therapist, and messaging contact with responses as soon as possible. You decide what you want.

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