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Nano Sonic Whitening Toothbrush

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Product Description: The advanced sonic technology provides a powerful dynamic cleaning action that helps to keep teeth clean and gums healthy by removing plaque. This technology provided effective stain removal which helps to brighten teeth and restore them to their natural state.
Uses: We advise soaking your Sonic Toothbrush head in water weekly to ensure it’s clean and always change the head every 3 months! By using the Sonic Toothbrush daily, your teeth will feel cleaner than ever and a clean mouth will contribute to your overall oral health.
Contraindications: Nothing
The benefits: A sonic toothbrush has been linked to several advantages including naturally whiter teeth, superior plaque removal, healthier gums, gentler brushing, helps stimulate saliva (great for dry mouth sufferers) and great for anyone with braces or dental implants as it cleans those hard to reach places.


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